Fall Porch - Major Struggle

So one big major struggle I've had in this new house (which is very minor on the any scale of home decorating) is that fall colors simply do not work. I've collected a lovely selection of autumn colors like oranges, greens and reds and it does not go well with aquas, whites and creams. I simply cannot not fall decorate, so while I conjure up some indoor decorating ideas, I took some of my regular fall decor to the porch. I can do no wrong out there! Last years harvest pillow is still kickin' around! This vintage aqua glass water bottle I scored (for free) from our last city's freestore. I've talked about freestores before (also known in some cities as "freecycle") be sure to google it for your area, it's simply a group where things are posted, like craigslist or kiji but all free. My fall wreath trickery. Because I simply added a dollarstore candle ring to the center of the wreath. Genius, I know it. Now, as I said, indoors is kinda sucky right now. Not fallish at all. All I have that is slightly working for the fall would be my Silly Mama Quilts mat, As for the rest of the indoor decorating, I imagine I have a few orange pumpkins to spray paint white. Fingers crossed for warm weather in the next couple days so I can!